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Our company is a Family company and we do all our work with a lot of love and with the sole purpose of always doing the best for our clients Thank you Thank you Thank you

ROMERIZA products offers you
of fine fragrances and cosmetics, we offer a distinctively clean line of products that are made with vegetable glycerin and contain no alcohol or animal by-products. We carry a wide variety of products including natural hair, face and skin care products, African natural products, black soaps, perfumed body oils, incense

ROMERIZA OILS. The simplest and most popular way is to use this as a perfume. Rub it on the wrist, below the ears or at the back of the neck for an amazing scent.
Create an environment, full of magic and memories through our different aromas, you can transport yourself to different places or memories, since our perfumes in oil for the body are made with the most dedicated love and good life and energy to keep satisfied our customers and whoever smells them. We have a great variety of aromas, each and every one of our oils has its extraordinary aroma (remember, each head is a world) and different for the taste of each of our clients.
Simply add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and shake well before spraying.